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Instant payments Your Way

We work with financial institutions who want to develop a business strategy to harness instant payments to retain customers, attract small businesses, and streamline lending for growth.

Experts in Instant payments 

Interested in adding instant payments to your portfolio but don't know how? Not clear on the steps you need to take? at FinTech Consulting, our goal is to make the journey to instant payments simple, and take the complexity out of key  business decisions. We specialize in helping financial institutions navigate the strategy and implementation of instant payments. We simplify the strategy, key decisions, customer use cases and messaging, so you can move forward with confidence.

  • Increase depository assets

  • Lower operational costs

  • New source of revenue

  • Improve customer cash flow

“I worked with Marcia on implementing RTP Send with my bank and she was an integral part of us completing that project on time without open exceptions.  She provided a clear roadmap, exceptional partner meetings, and provided excellent feedback.  Her knowledge and direct connections with The Clearing House were game changers – we couldn’t have done it without her!."

Tara Campbell, EVP & Chief Operating Officer , Bank


FinTech Consulting, based in Southeastern United States,  provides a suite of services that include instant payment training, strategic planning, product, project and sales enablement support to help financial institutions successfully evaluate, plan, and implement instant payments.


These services can be selected in an “a la carte” fashion, or can be selected by bundle, for greater savings. Sessions can be held virtually or in person based on your organizations needs and preferences. Contact for pricing.

Business Clarity

Quickly identify elements that are important to your business

Implementation Confidence

Subject matter expert that can to guide you on your journey

Stakeholder Support

White label collateral to hit the ground running with your customers

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